Lexindoc is a Document Management Software Platform which is a  Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software that provides features for document management, integrated with current information system and can be modified to anticipate the development of business process in conducting archival system.

Goal :

  • Improve information access to enable more nimble response to customer opportunities
  • Improve information availability for all business users and systems for process efficiency
  • Improve information access and quality for improved compliance and risk management

Key Functions
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    • Organically grow top line and improve profit
    • Optimize the Customer Experience
    • Acquire new customers and cross sell/up sell
    • Rapidly develop and deploy new products

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    • Reduce business operational costs
    • Simplify & Reduce IT maintenance costs
    • Focus on core business activities with efficiency
    • Simplify IT infrastructure and integrate processes across channels

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    Manage Risk

    • Protect & Secure Customer Information
    • Improve credit quality
    • Reduce capital
    • Requirements Comply with all regulations
    • Strengthen operational controls