Raiont is an office administration application services, correspondence management for each employee/personnel of an enterprise/institution electronically (office automation).

Benefit :

  • Data Consistency
  • Reduced Dependency on Resources
  • Contextual Information for Faster Decision-making
  • Faster turnover time in decision making
  • Organizational Agility
  • Increased Stakeholder Satisfation
  • Faster RCI

Raiont offers you an array of modules, such as:
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    Document Management

    Manage business records with a host of exciting features, such as – the ability to create folders & subfolders, time bound & encrypted file sharing, and much more.

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    Correspondence Management

    Track all the letters coming and going out from the organization and make them available to all application users according to there roles and access.

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    Task Management

    Assign tasks and deadlines to employees and monitoring their performance on completion of these tasks.

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    Hot Folder

    Experience seamlessness with the cloud/server-synced folder that ensures proper document channelization.

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    Process Automation Through Workflows

    Automate and optimize the flow of your business information and data.

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    Optical Character Recognition

    Automatically converts non-seacrhable/image PDFs into searchable format.

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    Record Management

    Capture, store and identify business records in-sync with management policies and compliances.

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    Bulk Upload

    Allow users to import legacy document into Raiont in bulk.

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    Mobile Applications

    Be productive anywhere with secure access via Android and iOS apps.