Phiro HR

Phiro is a HR solution which integrate & automate all the main HR process and manages the entire lifecycle of your organization’s workforce

Phiro HR management system provides 8 modules for operating different HR processes:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Workforce Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefit
  • Career Management
  • HR Planning & Organization

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    Personnel Administration

    • Personnel administration module provides the setting of basic data, many kinds of employee histories, and attendance setting which related to employees.
    • Maintain a centralized database of all company information
    • Create automation for all HR management processes in ‘drag-and-drop’ web base editor. Admin can design and create custom electronic forms and approval workflow.
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    Recruitment module integrates and automates all the recruitment and selection process which support you to get the right people suit with organization needed.
    In recruitment module, you enable to:

    • create a centralized candidate database
    • manage, approve and easily fill open vacancies
    • provide online applications and collaboration with applicants
    • unify the onboarding process.
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    Workforce Planning

    Manpower planning provides tools to analyze your organization requirement suitable with organization goals. This module consists of :

    • analyzing the current manpower inventory
    • making future manpower forecast
    • Create fulfillment for the requirement (recruitment, selection, placement, etc.)
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    Training & Development

    Training module provides setting of employee learning process suit with competency standard which already be appointed. Learning process covering planning, learning & evaluation. Integrate with budget allocation and budget journal.

    Implementation, until the evaluation after activity.

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    Performance Management

    Performance management module automates employee performance management process.

    In performance module, you enable to:

    • Create customized period and component, in the easy-to-use format.
    • Visualize and align KPI Goal
    • Analyze and improve performance for entire organization
    • Monitoring performance management process in a graphical dashboard.
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    Compensation & Benefit

    The Compensation and Benefits management module enables you to plan, track, and analyze the compensation and rewards for each employee.

    With this compensation management, you can:

    • Operate the module with employee compensation components
    • Manage compensation in a collaborative environment
    • Reward performance and productivity appropriately
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    Career Management

    Career management module enables you to identify and develop the most talented workers and promote them for the good of the company. With career management module you can:

    • can easily define career paths & individual goals for your employees
    • Work with talent pools for various employee groups and levels
    • Create succession plan
    • Retain and promote key employees and high performers
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    HR Planning & Organization

    This module prove setting of organization structure, include relation of business entity, organization unit, location, position, etc. Also provide facilities for filling analysis & job evaluation until job grading.

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