Moklaar is a cutting edge innovation in ATM Management which provide a comprehensive solution ATM management functions to make it more efficient, safe and cost saving operational.

Transfer information to your ATMs can be done quickly and efficiently from command center.

Moklaar Features:

  • Remote Management Tools
  • Central Management
  • Moklaar can monitor the avaibility¬† entire fleet of ATMs
  • Electronic Journal Consolidation

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    Remote management tools

    Moklaar is remote management tools of ATM software, branding and marketing, including graphics, software updates, applications, audio/video files, etc to be distributed to ATM fleet.

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    Central management

    Moklaar allows bank to central manage the distribution of software and marketing updates to entire fleet of ATM or applied to a selection of ATMs.

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    Moklaar can monitor the avaibility entire fleet of ATMs.

    Reduction in overall ATM monitoring operational cost by removing manual monitoring. Automated notifications of incidents and subsequent escalations for quicker responses to problem.

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    Electronic journal consolidation

    • Moklaar have capabilities to automatically retrieve the Electronic Journal log from ATM fleets. As part of the reconciliation process, the journal entries generated by various activities on the ATM need to be verified and archived for audit as well as reconciliation process.
    • Moklaar simplifies EJ management by automating the process for journal retrieval and management into centralized database. EJ data being easily accessible from single location.
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    Reduce Cost

    By centrally updating ATM fleets there is no need to visit ATM or use manual method to transfer data & information

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    Efficiency & Speed

    The entire fleet of ATM can be monitoring & update from bank command center.

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    Faster Technology

    By our compression & bandwidth optimization technology, guaranteed to be faster than operating system copy methods.

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    Maximizing uptime and minimizing cost

    ATM downtime means revenue lost. A monitoring and security solution helps bank avoid unnecessary losses

Inside Moklaar